goodbye my little lula.

When I moved into my dorm, I knew I wanted a room filled with little plants in cute pots. I went to Lowe’s with my parents and picked out two baby cacti. The first one died within about two months (maybe I overwatered it?) and the second one I named Lula Maria Esperanza. She reminded me of a little girl with a flower on her head and I loved her. Yesterday was beautifully sunny and, as usual, I put Lula out on my windowsill so she could soak up all of the sun she could. And then I forgot about her. Meanwhile, the weather had changed drastically. She sat outside in the cold, wind, and rain all night and morning and when I came back to my room after lunch and, in a panic, remembered that she was still outside, I opened the window…to find just a mug and no cactus. Lula was gone. I tried looking down the three stories to the ground below but I didn’t see her.

I am the worst mother ever.


Friday night.

Friday night some girls from my hall and I went down to a diner in the city. Afterwards, back on campus, all eight of us piled on two bunk-beds and watched “Breakfast Club.” It was surprisingly cute and the random spurts of 80s music and dancing was pretty hilarious.